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Pennsylvania State FlagPennsylvania Symbols in the News

Source Title Date Sign-in Read
Lexington Herald Leader A look at state flag-protection laws 07/30/16 No Read now
Philly Voice Did you know Pennsylvania has an official state song? 05/11/16 No Read now
The Morning Call How climate change could rob Pennsylvania of 2 state symbols 04/23/16 No Read now
Fresh Plaza The apple could become Pennsylvania's official fruit 01/21/16 No Read now
The Philly Voice Bill would make the apple Pennsylvania's official fruit 01/02/16 No Read now
The Smithsonian Six American States Have Official Guns 09/04/15 No Read now
Atls Obscura The New Trend in State Symbols: Guns 09/01/15 No Read now
Lancaster Online Distorted view of iconic American long rifle 08/18/14 No Read now
THe Morning Call Pennsylvania's Official Firearm 07/22/14 No Read now
The Morning Call Long rifle bill is bad history, gun experts say 07/21/14 No Read now
Republican & Herald Longrifle celebration 07/20/14 No Read now
The Patriot-News Did Pa. legislators goof in naming the 'official state firearm'? A PennLive poll 07/17/14 No Read now
The Patriot-News In naming 'official firearm,' Pa. Legislature couldn't shoot straight: PennLive letters 07/17/14 No Read now
The Pike County Courier Pa. House OKs bill naming state's official firearm 06/10/14 No Read now
The Inquirer Penn's Got A Gun 06/05/14 No Read now
Reuters Pennsylvania lawmakers weigh adopting official state firearm 06/04/14 No Read now
The Inquirer Bill to recognize state firearm draws fire from Phila lawmakers 06/04/14 No Read now
The Republic State House advances bill designating Pennsylvania long rifle as state's official firearm 06/04/14 No Read now
Chicago Tribune Pennsylvania lawmakers weigh adopting official state firearm 06/04/14 No Read now
Philadelphia Magazine House Votes to Name Official Pennsylvania 'State Firearm' 06/03/14 No Read now
Montgomery News VIDEO: McDonald Elementary students help draft bill to designate shoo-fly as Pennsylvania state pie 04/25/14 No Read now
York Dispatch Alloway wants to name official state firearm 12/10/13 No Read now
Wired Could These Redesigned State Flags Bring America Together? 10/22/13 No Read now
Intelligencer Journal Move afoot to make Pennsylvania long rifle the official state firearm 05/10/13 No Read now
York Dispatch Harley-Davidson receives award 03/20/13 No Read now
The Montgomery News Curry reintroduces bill to designate Eastern box turtle state's official reptile 02/28/11 No Read now
WHP-TV Turtle's plight prompts elementary school students to push legislation 02/14/11 No Read now
Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus News Releas: Turtle power take two 02/14/11 No Read now
The Chicago Tribune Pennsylvania's Only President to get his own coin 08/12/10 No Read now
The Philadelphia Inquirer Bucks, Montco pupils push Pa. to protect turtles 06/09/10 No Read now Flagship Niagara came too late to make its way onto flag 04/02/10 No Read now
The Patriot-News Sen. Pat Browne wants Pennsylvania Long Rifle to be state's official firearm 01/27/10 No Read now
The Blairsville Dispatch Box turtle makes a bid for Harrisburg 5/8/09 No Read now
Penn State Daily Collegian Official language bill sparks debate 02/02/09 No Read now
The Republican &: Herald Proposed changes to state flag wrong 10/19/07 No Read now


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