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Wisconsin State FlagWisconsin Symbols in the News

Source Title Date Sign-in Read
Lexington Herald Leader A look at state flag-protection laws 07/30/16 No Read now
Isthmus Readers answer our call for a new state flag 07/04/16 No Read now
The Star Journal Wisconsin’s state bird: Hearty, hard working and definitely not flashy 06/21/16 No Read now
Isthmus Wisconsin deserves a better flag 06/09/16 No Read now
Wausau Daily Herald Love kringle? Then head to Racine 05/27/16 No Read now
Vice Munchies Why This Scandinavian Pastry Came to Wisconsin 03/23/16 No Read now
The Smithsonian Six American States Have Official Guns 09/04/15 No Read now
WISN, Milwaukee Bakery known for kringle is adding new location 05/27/14 No Read now
WTAQ, Mount Pleasant O&H Danish Bakery plans new store, museum dedicated to the kringle 05/16/14 No Read now
Volume One Magazine On Wisconsin! How something becomes a state symbol 11/11/13 No Read now
Wired Could These Redesigned State Flags Bring America Together? 10/22/13 No Read now
The Journal Times Sweet taste of victory: Kringle now official state pastry 07/06/13 No Read now
WSAU The Kringle is Wisconsin's official state pastry 07/01/13 No Read now
Mount Pleasant-Sturtevant Patch O&H 'Thrilled' That Kringle Will Be State Pastry 06/27/13 No Read now
The Business Journal Wisconsin lawmakers urge Walker to make kringle designation official 06/26/13 No Read now
West of the I Assembly enjoys kringle in honor of the Central High School softball team 06/22/13 No Read now
Pioneer Press Wisconsin state pastry proposed: The kringle 06/06/13 No Read now
Wisonsin Ag Connection State Senators Approve Cream Puff as the Official Dessert 06/09/11 No Read now
Pioneer Press Wisconsin Senate names cream puff official dessert 06/08/11 No Read now
WHBL News Radio Naming a State Dessert 2/11/11 No Read now
Wisconsin State Journal Politics blog: Will cream puffs become the official dessert of Wisconsin? 02/10/11 No Read now
Wisconsin State Journal Odd Wisconsin: Origin of Wisconsin's 'Forward' motto 10/12/10 No Read now
Clutch and Chrome Wisconsin won't have official motorcycle this year 04/23/10 No Read now
Pierce County Herald Wisconsin will not get two new state symbols 04/22/10 Yes Read now
The Journal Times At last, we have a state microbe 04/16/10 No Read now
Wisconsin Radio Network Wisconsin closer to having official motorcycle 04/16/10 No Read now
Clutch and Chrome Harley heads down final mile to become state's official motorcycle 04/16/10 No Read now
The New York Times And Now, a State Microbe 04/15/10 No Read now
1330 WHBL Sheboygan Official State Motorcycle, Microbe Bills Up For Vote 04/14/10 No Read now
The Associated Press Bills honoring Harley, microbe await votes 04/14/10 No Read now
Wauwatosa Now Tosa students' cheese bill makes its whey to Madison 03/30/10 No Read now
Wisconsin Radio Network Say cheese for Wisconsin's state snack 02/12/10 No Read now
Clutch and Chrome Bill to make Harley-Davidson official state motorcycle roars through legislation 02/06/10 No Read now
Chicago Tribune Bill making Harley official motorcycle gets moving 02/04/10 No Read now
WTAQ Bill Endorsed To Make Harley-Davidson Official State Motorcycle 02/04/10 No Read now
The Star Tribune Sounds a little cheesey 01/29/10 No Read now
Chicago Tribune State microbe bill advances, Harley stalls 12/17/09 No Read now
Wisconsin State Journal Move to make Harley Wisconsin's state motorcycle draws a complaint 12/15/09 No Read now Wisconsin might get the country's first 'state microbe' 12/14/09 No Read now
Los Angeles Times Wisconsin experiments with the idea of a state bacterium 12/08/09 No Read now
WKOW-TV State animal, state flower, now state... microbe? 12/03/09 No Read now
Winona Daily News State mulls Harley-Davidson, cheese microbe honors 11/20/09 No Read now
Wisconsin State Journal Microbes and motorcycles gain Legislature's attention 11/19/09 No Read now
The Journal Times Students want a state snack 10/08/09 No Read now
University of Wisconsin Support Site for Lactococcus lactis 05/17/08 No Read now
Associated Press Doyle signs bill creating state tartan 04/07/08 No Read now
The Sheboygan Press Editorial: Wisconsin cheese again among best in the world 03/17/08 No Read now
WRN News A cheesy proposal 03/10/08 No Read now
WKBT LaCrosse Bill creating official state tartan passes Assembly 03/05/08 No Read now
WRCN Wisconsin Radio Network Lothian pushes for official state tartan 11/29/07 No Read now
St. Andrews Society of Milwaukee A Proposed Wisconsin Tartan 04/13/07 No Read now
Wisconsin State Journal Bill for state tartan wraps Badger clan in special plaid 1/11/06 No Read now
WISC-TV, Associated Press State Tartan To Replace Cheesehead? 1/11/06 No Read now


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