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Tennessee State Fine Art

Porcelain Painting   Adopted: March 26, 1981
Tennessee state fine art
Tennessee Fine Art: Porcelain Painting
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We find the wording of this bill a little confusing. Though codified in the Tennessee Code with other Tennessee state symbols, wording of the law does not refer to porcelain painting as a symbol, official or otherwise.

Compare it with the law regarding Tennessee's official state fruit or Tennessee's 1933 resolution designating the official state bird.

In contrast, section 4-1-313 does not explicitly state that porcelain painting is the "official fine art" of Tennessee. It does not even designate porcelain painting as "an" official fine art. It simply says that porcelain painting is "recognized" as a fine art in Tennessee.

We think that porcelain painting could be considered a fine art anywhere. Why craft a law that states the obvious?

Please contact us if you have information that can help us to better understand this designation.


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Tennessee state fine art
Tennessee Fine Art: Painted Porcelain

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