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Louisiana State Freshwater Fish

White Perch Pomoxis annularis Adopted: June 15, 1993
Louisiana State Freshwater Fish
Louisiana State Freshwater Fish: White Perch
Credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The official state freshwater fish of Louisiana presents us with a lesson in living organism identification. The law regarding the official freshwater fish of Louisiana offers us a clear example of the value of scientific names, technically referred to as binomial nomenclature.

The law regarding the fish states "The official freshwater fish shall be the white perch..." It then goes on to assign a species name, Poxomis annularis and a curiously placed phrase, to the official fish. More about "sac-au-lait" later.

The law identifies the official freshwater fish with a common name, white perch, and a scientific name, Pomoxis annularis. This is where confusion might set in, for the white perch is referred to by scientists as Morone americana and a common name for Poxomis annularis is white crappie! Exactly which fish were legislators intending to make official?

It appears that the legislators got the common name wrong or they got the scientific name wrong. In fact, neither seems to be the case. The scientific name specified by law, Pomoxis annularis, can be used to clarify their intentions.

Pomoxis annularis is the scientific name for the official state freshwater fish. Jerald Horst, writing about white crappies in Sack of Milk, states that white crappies are called white perch in northern Louisiana. Mystery solved. White perch and white crappie are both common names for the same fish, Pomoxis Annularis.


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