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Official State Beverages

Official beverages listed by state. (List by state or year)
StateList by state Name Designated as Year
Alabama Conecuh Ridge Alabama Fine Whiskey Alabama's Official State Spirit 2004
Alaska [ None ]    
Arizona [ None ]    
Arkansas Milk State beverage of Arkansas 1985
California [ None ]    
Colorado [ None ]    
Connecticut [ None ]    
Delaware Milk Official beverage of the state of Delaware 1983
Florida Juice obtained from mature oranges of the species Citrus sinensis and hybrids Official beverage of Florida 1967
Georgia [ None ]    
Hawaii [ None ]    
Idaho [ None ]    
Illinois [ None ]    
Indiana Water Official beverage of the Hoosier state 2007
Iowa [ None ]    
Kansas [ None ]    
Kentucky Milk Official state drink of Kentucky 2005
Kentucky Ale-8-One An original Kentucky soft drink 2013
Louisiana Milk Official state drink 1983
Maine Moxie ® Official state soft drink 2005
Maryland Milk State drink 1998
Massachusetts Cranberry Juice Beverage of the commonwealth 1970
Michigan [ None ]    
Minnesota Milk Official drink of the state of Minnesota 1984
Mississippi Milk State beverage of Mississippi 1984
Missouri [ None ]    
Montana [ None ]    
Nebraska Milk Official state beverage 1998
Nebraska Kool-aid Official state soft drink 1998
Nevada [ None ]    
New Hampshire Apple cider Official state beverage of New Hampshire 2010
New Jersey [ None ]    
New Mexico [ None ]    
New York Milk Official beverage of the state of New York 1981
North Carolina Milk Official State beverage of the State of North Carolina 1987
North Dakota Milk Official beverage of the state of North Dakota 1983
Ohio The canned, processed juice and pulp of the fruit of the herb Lycopersicon esculentum, commonly known as tomato juice Official beverage of the state 1965
Oklahoma Milk Official beverage of the State of Oklahoma
Official drink of the State of Oklahoma
Oregon Milk Official beverage 1997
Pennsylvania Milk Official beverage of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1982
Rhode Island Coffee milk Official state drink for the state 1993
South Carolina Milk Official state beverage 1984
South Carolina South Carolina Grown Tea Official state hospitality beverage of the State 1995
South Dakota Milk Official drink 1986
Tennessee Milk Official state beverage 2009
Texas [ None ]    
Utah [ None ]    
Vermont [ None ]    
Virginia Milk Official beverage 1982
Washington [ None ]    
West Virginia [ None ]    
Wisconsin Milk State beverage 1987
Wyoming [ None ]