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Official State Watercraft

Official watercraft listed by state. Includes boats, ships, tall ships, flagships, etc. (List by state or year)
StateList by state Name Designated as Year
Alabama [ None ]    
Alaska [ None ]    
Arizona [ None ]    
Arkansas [ None ]    
California The Californian Official state tall ship 2003
Colorado [ None ]    
Connecticut Submarine, USS Nautilus State ship 1983
Connecticut The Freedom Schooner Amistad Official state flagship and tall ship ambassador of the state 2003
Delaware [ None ]    
Florida [ None ]    
Georgia [ None ]    
Hawaii [ None ]    
Idaho [ None ]    
Illinois Pirogue Official State artifact of the State of Illinois. 2016
Indiana [ None ]    
Iowa [ None ]    
Kansas [ None ]    
Kentucky [ None ]    
Louisiana Pirogue Official state boat 2012
Maine [ None ]    
Maryland Skipjack State boat 1985
Massachusetts [ None ]    
Michigan [ None ]    
Minnesota [ None ]    
Mississippi [ None ]    
Missouri [ None ]    
Montana [ None ]    
Nebraska [ None ]    
Nevada [ None ]    
New Hampshire [ None ]    
New Jersey Schooner "A.J. Meerwald" New Jersey State Tall Ship 1998
New Mexico [ None ]    
New York [ None ]    
North Carolina Shad boat Official State historical boat of the State of North Carolina 1987
North Dakota [ None ]    
Ohio [ None ]    
Oklahoma [ None ]    
Oregon [ None ]    
Pennsylvania Restored United States Brig "Niagra" Official flagship for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1988
Rhode Island Replica of the Continental sailing vessel known as "Providence" Official flagship and tall ship ambassador of the state 1993
Rhode Island SSV Oliver Hazard Perry Official state sailing education vessel 2012
South Carolina [ None ]    
South Dakota [ None ]    
Tennessee [ None ]    
Texas Battleship "Texas" Official State Ship of Texas 1995
Texas "Elissa" Official tall ship of Texas 2005
Utah [ None ]    
Vermont [ None ]    
Virginia Chesapeake Bay deadrise Official boat of the Commonwealth 1988
Virginia Replicas of the three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery Official fleet of the Commonwealth 2001
Washington President Washington Washington state ship 1983
Washington The "Lady Washington" Official ship of the state of Washington 2007
West Virginia [ None ]    
Wisconsin [ None ]    
Wyoming [ None ]    
Tall Ships: The Fleet for the 21st Century

Tall Ships: The Fleet for the 21st Century, by Thaddeus Koza. 240 pages. Publisher: Tide-Mark Press; 5 Upd Rev edition (August 1, 2009)

The fleet of tall ships continues to evolve and to explore the ever-changing horizons and domains of the “ocean-planet”. With ever-increasing audiences and the support of harbors large and small, the ships bring romance, adventure, and international friendship along with sail training. Since the last edition, some ships have been built, while others have been retired or lost at sea.

"With brilliant color photographs of each page, Thad Koza's collection of the world's most majestic sailing vessels will undoubtedly take its place in the libraries of ship aficionados. From fighting ships like USS Constitution to the Sedov, a Russian training ship that is the largest sailing vessel afloat, this soft cover includes scantlings and a description for each of (more than) 150 featured ships." --Professional Mariner


Ship, by Brian Lavery. 99 pages. Publisher: DK Publishing (August 16, 2010)

From dugout canoes and the boats of the Ancient Egyptians to battleships and modern cruise liners, Ship looks at every aspect of water-going vessels and the people who have sailed them.

Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks

Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks, by Pat Vojtech. 158 pages. Publisher: Tidewater Pub; 1st edition (December 1993)

Soon after its introduction to the Chesapeake in the 1890s, the skipjack became the preferred oyster dredge boat. Some have estimated nearly two thousand skipjacks were built, all specifically designed for dredging oysters from the Chesapeake Bay. The peak building years were during the 1890s and the first decade of the 20th century.

Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks documents the skipjack and its role in the oyster dredging industry, describing the natural and manmade disasters that affected the trade, including the August storm of 1933 that swept vessels into pastures; ice-locked harbor that led to the idea of dredging through the ice with sleighs, cars, and trucks; and the Great Depression that crushed the oyster market overnight and forced many to abandon their vessels and way of life. The author interviewed some thirty captains, former captains, and relatives of the men who worked the boats, to recreate events that took place between 1917 and 1993.