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New State Symbols for 2016

State Symbol Designation Adopted News
Alabama Cake Lane cake May 10, 2016 Read now
Delaware Maypole dancing Dance July 29, 2016 Read now
Delaware Golden Retriever Dog August 3, 2016 Read now
Georgia Adoptable dog Dog April 26, 2016 Read now
Georgia Historic House Old Govenor's Mansion, Milledgeville House March 16, 2016 Read now
Georgia Historic House Old Govenor's Mansion, Milledgeville Senate March 22, 2016 Read now
Illinois Artifact Pirogue July 15, 2016 Read now
Maine Crustacean Maine lobster (Homarus americanus) April 4, 2016 Read now
Nevada Fabric Denim September 23, 2016 Read now
Florida Honey Tupelo honey March 16, 2016 Read now
Mississippi Wildlife heritage museum Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Museum in Leland March 28, 2016 Read now
New Jersey Butterfly Black swallowtail butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) January 11,2016 Read now
North Carolina Veterans Day parade Veterans Day Parade held in the Town of Warsaw June 24, 2016 Read now
Rhode Island Marine mammal Harbor seal July 14, 2016 Read now
Tennessee Rifle Barrett Model M82/M107 February 29, 2016 Read now
Tennessee Symbol Circular feature of state flag (tristar) March 2, 2016 Read now
Tennessee Veterans poem “Echoes from a Soldier’s Grave,” by Sergeant First Class Ernest E. Sharp March 2, 2016 Read now
Virginia Snake Eastern garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis) March 7, 2016 Read now
Vermont Vegetable Gilfeather turnip May 24,2016 Read now
Virginia Rock Nelsonite April 1, 2016 Read now
Wyoming Shrub Wyomimg big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata wyomingensi) March 4, 2016 Read now


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