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Vermont Economy


In terms of revenue generated Vermont's top five agricultural products are dairy products, beef cattle and calves, greenhouse and nursery products, hay, and maple products.


About 3/4 of Vermont's agricultural income is generated by the sale of dairy products.

Other important livestock products are beef cattle and calves, chicken eggs, turkeys, and hogs.

Honey, farm chickens, and aquaculture is also important to the state.


Greenhouse and nursery products lead in this category.

Hay, maple products, apples, and sweet corn are other major products.

Hay, oats and grain corn are grown to feed Vermont livestock.

Leading vegetables grown in the state are sweet corn and potatoes. Apples (official state fruit & pie) are the largest fruit crop.

Vermont is a leading maple-syrup producing state and also produces many specialty food products such as cheese, ice cream and sauces. Vermont designated maple as the (official state flavor) in 1994.

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Manufacturers add value to raw products by creating manufactured items. For example, cotton cloth becomes more valuable than a boll of cotton through manufacturing processes.

By far, the production of electrical equipment (semiconductors, electrical components)is Vermont's most important manufacturing activity. One of the largest electronics companies in the world produces computer components in a large plant near Burlington.

Production of food products (dairy products, bakery goods) ranks second in the state followed by manufacture of machinery (machines for making semiconductors and machine tools).


Granite (official state rock) is the most important mined product in Vermont where the largest granite quarries in the country are found.

Other mined Vermont products include limestone, marble (official state rock), sand and gravel, slate (official state rock) and talc (official state mineral).


The community, business and personal services group is the most valuable services group in Vermont. Its main sources of income are private health care, hotels and ski resorts, law firms and repair shops.

Ranking in second place is the finance, insurance and real estate services group based on the buying and selling of homes, particularly vacation homes. The state's major financial center is Burlington.

Wholesale trade (food products, plastic products, wood products) and retail trade (discount stores, food stores, service stations) account for the third most valuable service industry group.

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