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New State Symbols for 2014

State Symbol Designation Adopted News
Alaska Official state bolt-action rifle Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle (multiple caliber) July 30, 2014 Read now
California Amphibian California red-legged frog June 28, 2014 Read now
Colorado Cactus Claret cup cactus March 07, 2014 Read now
Delaware Shell Shell of the channeled whelk May 06, 2014 Read now
Delaware Sport Bicycling June 14, 2014 Read now
Kansas Flying fossil Tylosaurus April 04, 2014 Read now
Kansas Marine fossil Pteranodon April 04, 2014 Read now
Louisiana Fruit tree Mayhaw fruit tree May 30, 2014 Read now
Massachusetts Recreational and team sport Volleyball July 31, 2014 Read now
Mississippi State seal Add "In God We Trust" April 03, 2014 Read now
Missouri Exercise Jumping jacks July 10, 2014 Read now
New York Snack Yogurt October 15, 2014 Read now
Pennsylvania Firearm Pennsylvania long rifle June 26, 2014 Read now
Pennsylvania Aircraft Piper J-3 Cub June 26, 2014 Read now
Rhode Island Appetizer Calamari June 27, 2014 Read now
South Carolina Fossil Columbian Mammoth May 16, 2014 Read now
South Carolina Picnic cuisine Barbecue June 02, 2014 Read now
South Dakota Mining museum Black Hills Mining Museum in Lead March 14, 2014 Read now
Tennessee Fife and drum corps Watauga Valley Fife and Drum Corps March 17, 2014 Read now
Tennessee Artifact "Sandy," Mississippian stone statuary March 21, 2014 Read now
Tennessee Veterans poem "Home to Stay" April 15, 2014 Read now
Tennessee Pet Dogs and cats that are adopted from Tennessee animal shelters and rescues April 29, 2014 Read now
Utah Tree Quaking aspen March 25, 2014 Read now
Vermont Fly-fishing fly Governor Aiken bucktail streamer May 05, 2014 Read now
Vermont Marine fossil White whale fossilized skeleton May 05, 2014 Read now
Vermont Terrestrial fossil Mount Holly mammoth tooth and tusk May 05, 2014 Read now
Virginia Maple festival Highland County Maple Festival April 04, 2014 Read now
Washington Waterfall Palouse Falls is March 18, 2014 Read now
Washington Oyster Ostrea lurida March 28, 2014 Read now
West Virginia Song "Take Me Home Country Roads" March 07, 2014 Read now


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