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Official State Rocks, Minerals, Gems, Etc.

Official rocks, minerals, gemstones listed by state. (List by state or year)
StateList by state Name Designated as Year
Alabama Hematite (Red iron ore) Official mineral 1967
Alabama Marble Official rock 1969
Alabama Star Blue Quartz Official gemstone 1990
Alaska Jade Official state gem 1968
Alaska Gold Official state mineral 1968
Arizona Turquoise Official state gemstone 1974
Arkansas Diamond Official state gem 1967
Arkansas Quartz crystal Official state mineral 1967
Arkansas Bauxite Official state rock 1967
California Native gold Official state mineral and mineralogic emblem 1965
California Serpentine Official State rock and lithologic emblem 1965
California Benitoite Official state gemstone 1985
Colorado Aquamarine State gemstone 1971
Colorado Rhodochrosite State mineral 2002
Colorado Yule marble State rock 2004
Connecticut Garnet State mineral 1977
Delaware Sillimanite Official state mineral 1977
Florida Moonstone Florida state gem 1970
Florida Agatized coral Florida state stone 1979
Georgia Quartz State of Georgia's official gem 1976
Georgia Staurolite State of Georgia's official mineral 1976
Hawaii Black coral Official gem 1987
Idaho Star garnet Official state stone, or gem 1967
Illinois Calcium flouride (Flourite) Official state mineral 1965
Indiana Limestone (Salem limestone) Official stone 1971
Iowa Geode State rock 1967
Kansas [ None ]    
Kentucky Freshwater-pearl State gemstone 1986
Kentucky Coal Official mineral 1998
Kentucky Kentucky agate Official rock 2000
Louisiana Agate Official state gemstone
Official state mineral
Louisiana Cabochon cut gemstone, derived from Crassostrea virginica mollusk Official state gemstone 2011
Maine Tourmaline Official mineral 1971
Maryland Patuxent River Stone State gem 2004
Massachusetts Babingtonite Mineral or mineral emblem 1971
Massachusetts Rhodonite Gem or gem emblem 1979
Massachusetts Granite Building and monument stone 1983
Massachusetts Dighton Rock Explorer rock 1983
Massachusetts Plymouth Rock Historical rock 1983
Massachusetts Roxbury Puddingstone (Roxbury Conglomerate) Rock or rock emblem 1983
Michigan Petoskey stone State stone 1965
Michigan Chlorastrolite State gem 1972
Minnesota Lake Superior agate Official gemstone 1969
Mississippi Petrified wood State stone 1976
Missouri Galena Official mineral 1967
Missouri Mozarkite Official rock and lithologic emblem 1967
Montana Montana agate Official Montana state gem stone 1969
Montana Sapphire Official Montana state gem stone 1969
Nebraska Chalcedony stone, Blue agate State gem stone 1943
Nebraska Chalcedony stone, Prairie agate State rock 1943
Nevada Virgin Valley black fire opal Official state precious gemstone 1987
Nevada Nevada turquoise Official state semiprecious gemstone 1987
Nevada Sandstone Official state rock 1987
New Hampshire Granite Official state rock 1985
New Hampshire Beryl Official state mineral 1985
New Hampshire Smoky quartz Official state gem 1985
New Jersey [ None ]    
New Mexico Turquoise Official gem 1967
New York Garnet Official gem 1969
North Carolina Emerald Official State precious stone 1973
North Carolina Granite Official State rock 1979
North Carolina Gold Aurum Official state mineral 2011
North Dakota [ None ]    
Ohio Ohio flint (Crypto-crystalline variety of quartz) Official gem stone 1965
Oklahoma Barite Rose (Rose rock) Official rock 1968
Oklahoma Hourglass Selenite Crystal Official crystal 2005
Oregon Thunderegg Official rock 1965
Oregon Sunstone Official gemstone 1987
Pennsylvania [ None ]    
Rhode Island Cumderlandite Official state rock 1966
Rhode Island Bowenite Official state mineral 1966
South Carolina Amethyst Official gem stone 1969
South Carolina Blue granite Official stone 1969
South Dakota Fairburn agate Official state gemstone 1966
South Dakota Rose quartz Official state mineral stone 1966
South Dakota Black hills gold Official jewelry 1988
Tennessee Tennessee pearl Official state gem 1979
Tennessee Calcium carbonate (Limestone) Official state rock 1979
Tennessee Agate Official state mineral 2009
Texas Blue topaz State gemstone 1969
Texas Petrified palmwood State stone 1969
Texas Silver Precious metal 2007
Utah Topaz State gem 1969
Utah Coal State rock 1991
Utah Copper State mineral 1994
Vermont Grossular garnet State gem 1992
Vermont Marble State rock 1992
Vermont Granite State rock 1992
Vermont Slate State rock 1992
Vermont Talc State mineral 1992
Virginia Neslsonite Rock 2016
Washington Petrified wood Official gem 1975
West Virginia Calcedony State gem 1990
West Virginia Bituminous coal Official state rock 2009
Wisconsin Galena (Lead sulfide) State mineral 1971
Wisconsin Red granite State rock 1971
Wyoming Jade Official gemstone 1967
Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals, written and edited by Caroline Bingham. 48 pages. Publisher: DK CHILDREN; 1st edition (January 2004) Reading level: Ages 5-8.

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Rocks and Minerals (DK Pocket Series)

Rocks and Minerals (DK Pocket Series), by Dorling Kindersley, Ltd. 160 pages. Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc.; Revised edition (June 2003) Reading level: Ages 10-17.

Minerals are solid mixtures of chemicals that each have a unique set of characteristics - just like a fingerprint. Find out how these minerals bind together to form rocks and much, much more.

Collecting Rocks, Gems & Minerals: Easy Identification

Collecting Rocks, Gems & Minerals: Easy Identification, by Patti Polk. 272 pages. Publisher: Krause Publications (May 13, 2010)

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  • Covers both lapidary and mineral display materials
  • Includes organics such as amber, bone, coral, pearl and shell
  • Lists chemical group, system, hardness, opacity, fracture, specific gravity and more
  • Provides values and tips for locating, buying and collecting
  • Contains 650+ full-color photos
Rocks & Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks)

Rocks & Minerals (Smithsonian Handbooks), by Chris Pellant. 256 pages. Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (September 1, 2010)

600 incredible photos, precise annotations and detailed descriptions - from the distinguishing features of rocks to which crystal system a mineral belongs to - will help you identify different rocks and minerals quickly and easily. Covers everything from what rocks or minerals are, how they are classified to how to start a collection.

Perfect for rocks and mineral lovers - a comprehensive guide for collectors.